I don't like spinach.
Does she know Bulgarian?
He does not run.They do not rush.We arrive in Rome at.m.With state (or stative ) verbs such as like, dislike, love, think, seem, look, know, feel, understand, want, need, hate, remember, forget, prefer, believe, mean, taste, river island presentkort hear, see, have (when the meaning is "possess, own, belong, etc.I'm, seonaid and I hope you like the website.We are in an English club called.He plays hard rock in a group called "Metal Bananas".He likes new clothes and fashion, and he rabatt skidhyra branäs doesn't listen to pop music.In 3rd person singular ( he, she, it the base form of the verb takes -s/es.Instead of "s "es" is added present with to positive, third-person forms of verbs ending with the following sounds : s, z, sh, ch, j or zs (as in Zsa Zsa).I often wear jeans and T-shirts.
I like habits and routines.
They don't speak English very well.
It does not rush.I usually sleep late on Sunday morning.Positive, negative, question, i run.I work in a bank.You do not have.