when to use the present tense

"Last year" means the year before now, and it is considered a specific time which requires simple past.
We use 'gone' (often when we are talking about an action with a result in the present) to mean that the person went to the place and is at the place now.B: Yes, there has been a war in the United States.We often use the present c more rabattkod perfect to talk about something that happened in the recent past, but that is still true or important now.Present Perfect Uses, uSE 1 Unspecified Time Before Now.They have never been to California.Julie has gone to Mexico (now she's in Mexico).
Negative: You have not seen that movie many times.Been and Gone, in this tense, we use both 'been' and 'gone' as the past participle of 'go but in slightly different circumstances.Question: Have / Has Subject Past Participle.Susan hasn't mastered Japanese, but she can communicate.I've been to Paris (in my life, but now I'm in London, where I live).She has worked for three different companies so far.