what is the meaning of present tense

(Bill Gates uçak ile seyahat ediyor.) - Jane is taking a photograph.
(Oynuyorlar m?) USE OF present continous tense (MDK zamanin kullanimi) USE 1 - Now (imdi) We use the Present Continuous with Continuous Verbs to express the idea gratis kondomer uppsala that something is happening now, at this very moment.
Not only the nature of the activity, but also the point of view of the speaker or the intended impression upon the hearer may call for hertz rabatt linear Aktionsart and account for the present tense.
The verb translated "do wrong" is the present active indicative.Rather, certain verbs in certain contexts may call for a punctiliar budgetmall gratis understanding.(Konuma snflarnda ho vakit geçiriyorum.) Birinci cümlede have fiili sahip olmak anlamnda asla continuous olarak kullanlamaz.Is linear akionsart present here?).essentially the tense in Greek expresses the kind of action, not time, which the speaker has in view and the state of the subject.You do not go to university.Is a durative idea present?We get salary each month.
Present continuous tense Örnek tablo affirmative (olumlu) (-) negative (olumsuz) (?) question (soru i am playing (Oynuyorum i am not playing (Oynamyorum am I playing?
An example of Aktionsart being used to cover both ideas is found Nigel Turner's volume on Syntax.
Refinements of the general rule will be encountered; however, the fundamental distinction will not be negated."tam bu anda "bu ay "bu yl "bu yüzyl".(However, we need to guard against supposing that those tenses sometimes described as punctiliar necessarily imply instantaneous action.This mode of speech, relating a past incident using present tense verbs, makes the narrative vivid by transporting the hearer to the time of the action.As Burton does, for he has to take it back.864) In other words, Robertson is saying the kind of action may be punctiliar even though the present is used.