Extend your form over multiple pages or multiple tabs/steps for a better user experience.
Enable post voting and user trophies to motivate your users to join discussions.Load your form in a popup when the page is loaded or after specific time or when an element is clicked.Control who can read, post and manage your forums topics and posts, you can assign permissions per forum and have forum specific moderators.Edit posts content easily using the built in rich text editor.Protect any page, function or view using full permissions control.Read more, own a discussion board full of features.Read, Add, gratis superpowers badoo Update or delete data from one or more database tables, and connect to external database.Organize your forums topics in categories and sub forums.
Create blocks of views and functions and call them wherever you need in your application, you may also pass variables when calling a block.
All form fields types are available, text, textarea, password, radios, checkboxes and dropdowns, with many advanced features like AutoCompletion and auto resizing.
Users can mark some of the post content as private, the content will be visible for them and for moderators only.Forms are responsive and display well on every device.Test the current url and redirect the user to a different page.Connect to any number of database tables on the local database or on an external database.(Ohio, USA) is an authorized retailer for goods and services provided.