Emphasis is placed on the knowledge and outlook windows 7 download gratis skill set required to obtain, manage, and communicate information needed to assure quality nursing care delivery across diverse settings.
(Formerly: nursing 0245.) Prerequisite : Nursing 3141 (0141 3142 (0145 3187 (0147 3144 (0149) and 3261 (0261).
Nursing Synthesis (1.h.).
(Formerly: nursing 0392.) Prerequisite : Nursing 4197 (W242 4141 (0365 4187 (0366 4287 (0367) and 4142 (0362).introduction to the organisms that cause infectious disease, the mechanisms involved in disease production, and methods for prevention and control.Nursing and the Politics of Gender, Race and Class (3.h.) Prerequisite : All Preprofessional Courses.This course provides students with the opportunity to understand, integrate and evaluate the principles of epidemiology.Care of Client Systems with Chronic Health Alteration: Mental Health Clinical Practicum (2.h.).This course provides an opportunity for the student to apply knowledge from science and the humanities to care of the geriatric client system with chronic health alterations.(Formerly: nursing 0244.) Prerequisite : Nursing 3141 (0141 3142 (0145 3187 (0147 3144 (0149) and 3261 (0261).Related contemporary topics will be addressed from an evidence-based approach.Nursing Leadership (3.h.).This is sequentially the final course in the nursing major.
The practicum experience is designed to provide opportunities for the student to care for individuals, families and community aggregates during the childbearing experience.
(Formerly: nursing W394.) Prerequisite : Nursing 4141 (0365 4187 (0366 4197 (W242 4142 (0362) and 4287 (0367).Emphasis is placed on the use of scientific principles, general systems theory and the attainment of associated skills in the learning resource center laboratory and classroom.Repeatability: This course may not be repeated for additional credits.Restricted to RN-BSN majors only.Exploration of cultural concepts and diversity within ethnic groups will prepare the student to practice and/or plan healthcare in a multicultural, multiracial society.The issues are examined from historical, political, social and economic perspectives.The goal is to provide the student with new ways of thinking about health and disease.

Students will be introduced to the electronic medical record and the Statistical Package for the Social Sciences.
Care of Client Systems with Chronic Health Alteration: Geriatric Clinical Practicum (2.h.).
Students explore the effects of federal health care and social welfare programs on the quality and quantity of nursing care delivered.