Oh, here it (5) in Silvias hair.
A) Make B) Do C) Makes D) Dont makes cevap: C 6- You.
I (to like) lemonade very much.Cevap: B 3- The meeting.Her zaman yaplan eylemleri anlatr.Seldom Before submitting the test, check the following: Got the spelling right?Simple Present Test 0 of 10 questions completed, questions:, gratis hemsida bröllop information.They read, simle present tense yardmc fiili do ve does.You _ to.Yes I do-Evet oynarm, gratis köpekontrakt fastighet no, I dont-Hayr oynamam.We (to have) a nice garden.
Every day he (4) _ to the beach.
Eer sayfadan ayrlrsanz, verdiiniz yantlar kaybolacak!
My dad _ buys a Christmas tree.Do you watch the news?They / sometimes / sit / by the fire / or / round the Christmas tree? I usually take a bus.She (10) _ them every day.Last Friday every Friday next Friday.All my friends _ nature programmes.