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I wore that outfit for all of Saturday, became extremely annoyed with the response I was getting and then dressed in normal clothes on Sunday.
Im tired of being invisible except when being objectified, resa 40 års present so Im not going to be anymore.This year, in my Star Trek dress, I was just as uncomfortable, but I decided to say frak it and ignore them.Its a screen accurate dress.It isnt a space where any harm would come.After the next 30 or so, I had had enough.The skirt length is Starfleet Regulation.
For gratis schemamallar one thing, if I was Yeoman Rand, I would have the perfect blonde basketweave beehive.That was the first comment.Women discussing gender and racial politics in the series.Yes, Im a good costumer, and I look good in my costumes, but at the end of the day, Im another nerd geeking out like crazy over her favorite subjects.I cant do anything to fix.This is not a problem unique to nerds, of course.Unfortunately, the default assumption of convention space is male space The really annoying thing about this whole discussion?Women who, at one end of the spectrum, put too much effort into their looks, whether in costume or not, are ostracized.

Convention space has never been a space that was solely the domain of men.
And by screen accurate I mean short.