Even if Canonical does not believe that Linux infringes on software patents (deliberately or otherwise perhaps they simply realize that its a scare tactic Microsoft has been using over and over again.
In one way, its sort of playing into the whole racket.A company cyberzoo rabatt like Microsoft needs only put in an application to the court to have all possibly offending products stopped from shipping (remember when Microsoft had to stop selling Office over those XML issues?).They had to settle because if they didnt, Microsoft could have shut down their business by stopping the sale of their products until the court case was settled, but then dragging the court case out for years and years.This is rabatt cdon skor not just about Canonical protecting itself, they are offering compensation to their clients should they face litigation!Still, one can see why they offer.Indeed, this is written into their assurance (emphasis mine Canonical will replace or modify the infringing portion of the software so that it becomes non-infringing, or obtain the rights for you to continue using the software.
Canonical might not be deliberately setting out to challenge Red Hat with their new support offerings, but they are now competing in the same space.
If were talking servers, then the Essential package (for US320 per server, per annum) comes with Landscape, Assurance, Knowledge and basic Support, but the Standard (at US700 per server, per annum) also includes support for Windows integration and virtualization.This is a revamp of existing canale 5 streaming live gratis online services with a few new ones and includes.Microsoft has already approached Canonical pressuring them to sign up to a patent deal, but they turned it down.Tom Tom for example.Nevertheless, if this is an issue which is hindering the adoption of Linux and it adequately addresses this for those entities, then thats a good thing.Certainly Ubuntu ships with vfat support.