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Sam Dixey, 21, an undergraduate at Leeds University, won't be single for long since he's caught the attention of the internet after uploading a hilarious PowerPoint presentation to his Tinder profile that explains exactly why you should swipe right.
Even if it's just people swiping to say "I just had to swipe to tell you how amazing it is that you have a Tinder PowerPoint".'.
Remember that the next time youre choosing between a generic presentation template or creating a custom one thatll better grab an audiences attention.Thats why many of the best presentations out there are also some of the funniest.He even has a whole slide dedicated to reviews from happy visitors like Leonardo DiCaprio, his dad and Donald Trump (he says the reviews are yuge).If you create a presentation that lacks a thoughtful execution and instead looks thrown together in two minutes, then people are going to feel like they dont really matter to you.Sam has gone viral fresh off the news that researchers at Tel Aviv-based security firm 'Checkmarx' ran some basic checks on everyone's favourite dating-cum-casual sex app 'Tinder' only to scare us all on a deep fundamental level by proving that it still lacks basic https encryption.But its not the novelty of the idea that made it work so well; its the flawless way he executed.He comes across as someone who cares about his mission, which makes potential dates care about it too.For any lonely singletons out there, Sam enjoys walks on the beach, laser tag and petting dogs and he's even comfortable with talking about his feelings.We thought it would be funny to do, something a little bit different.The slides look like they're straight out of a Year 9 'about me' oral gcse test, and they explain that Sam is funny, has a Netflix account and is "not the worst" at sex, which already puts him leagues above most of the guys.Everyone can a learn a little something about how to create an awesome presentation by breaking down exactly why his is so effective.
It's a little technical but the basic gist of the findings means the anyone on the same Wi-Fi network as you can see any photo you're seeing and can even put their own custom chosen images into your photo stream.
Tinder PowerPoint presentation that won him a whole bunch of dates.A perfect opportunity for the creepy IT guy in work to repeatedly show you his dong, in my opinion.Badge Assessment to discover your unique presentation persona.A truly modern man.Its Creative and Unexpected, if youve spent any time on Tinder, then you know that most profiles look pretty similar.One reason this guys profile is so effective is that its different and unexpectedone cant help but pause and see what this guys all about.If you had any doubt about just how effective a killer presentation can be, then you need to check out this dudes.