They have been playing since 4 o clock.
(?) Until when will you stay in office?
The Future Tense: (a) Simple Future Tense (b) Future Continuous Tense (c) Future Perfect Tense (d) Future Perfect Continuous Tense, present Tense : Simple Present Tense is used:-.
Do stream danske tv kanaler gratis I not play cricket?(?).He seldom walks.( ).A Tense is a form taken by a verb to present via nätet indicate the time of action.I have finished my work.( ) We have not seen the film.( ) Negative Sentence Sub had not V3 obj.Using present continuous tense when we talk of something that we plan to do in the near future.Ram eats the food.( ).
For example (i) She is not working.Future Arrangement (i) The Prime Minister arrives from New York tomorrow.(but could not) Affirmative Sentence Sub had V3 obj.Do I play cricket?(?).( ) We will have left.Order They shall be rewarded.( ) We had not seen the film.(ii) He will have suffered a lot by now since his birth.Ram will not be going.The price of goods will rise by year end.

To describe an action completed in the past.
With whose brother does he like to play.( ) -Progressive Action (A) This tense is normally used for an action in progress that is temporary in nature (not for a permanent activity) in the present at the time of speaking.