Example: He feels the cold.
The President arrives in Norway on 17 September.
Certain Verbs, the following verbs are usually only used.
I presents for artists am on holiday.I work as an accountant.This is a Snakes and Ladders game where you have to answer questions to roll the dice.I eat and, i am eating?State: be, cost, fit, mean, suit, example: We are on holiday.Do you want to express that something happens in general or that something is happening right now?
Home, copyright, contact, about.Click Here, interactive Quizzes By Levels, click Here.Don't you usually go by bus?Simple, present (not in the progressive form).Or do you want to emphasis that something is only going on for a limited (rather short) period of time?I am not bilder gratis att använda working now.They are called "state" verbs.Escape the hangman by spelling the verb in the correct tense correctly.I'm seeing a very important customer in my office at 4 o'clock.