present simple questions exercises

I visit, france every summer.
We have lunch at school.We sometimes use a programa para bajar musica gratis dictionary in class.ESL Present Simple Wh Questions Board Game - Reading, Listening and Speaking Activity - Pre-intermediate - 30 minutes.My Mum likes classical music.Susan _ (go) to the cinema.What _ they _ (do) in the evening?When _ your brother _ (surf) the internet?Brian _ (get) up at eight fakturablanketter gratis oclock.What does your sister do on Saturday?Negatives in third person: subject doesn't infinitive.Lucía _ (work) at the court.
It rains a lot.I _ (drink) water.Work he casino med gratis velkomstbonus in London?Do you work in a bank?Does it rain a lot?We wash our hands.We go to the cinema at the weekend.Does Sara read in bed?He not work in London.

We sometimes _ (use) a dictionary in class.
Monkeys _ (like) bananas.
We work in a bank.