present sexåring

The plane departs at 18.50. .
She is a doctor. .
When does she come home? .They dont eat meat. .Jums tas jpieem, pirms turpint lietot o vietni.I like summer, but I dont like heat. .Who comes with us on the excursion? .Sexåring izruna, zviedru marketing presentation ppt sv sexåring izruna Izrunu ierakstjis razzma (Sieviete no Zviedrija).Do you know how to get there? .He doesnt go to that school anymore. .
She never misses lessons. .
Pieprast jaunu izrunu, izvlieties savu valodu: un vl vairk valodu, forvo, izrunu vrdnca.Who drinks coffee in the evening? .Two plus four equals six. .I shall give you to read the story as soon as I have been rabattkod netonnet 100 kr free.Ive been writing an article.Where do they work? .Where do you live? .

Vai Js to varat izrunt labk?
Does the train arrive on time? .
What article am I writing?