present perfect simple

I have eaten in this restaurant many times.
I (to hear) it last Sunday.
"Why you (to come)?".His health (to improve) greatly since I (to see) him last.Show me the dress which you (to make).I (to buy) a pair of gloves yesterday.I (not to see) you for a long time.He is (to read) a newspaper.Uz predlog just (upravo, ba), obavezno koristimo, present Perfect Simple, a u prevodu pored prolog vremena (perfekta) moete se prebaciti u aorist koji vam moe u stvari doarati kako ovo vreme zvui u engleskom.They fall in love with each other.He (to be) ill last week, but now he (to recover).
You (to go) to the station to meet her?
(kao to vidite FOR se ne prevodi, boka tidigt rabatt ving a predstavlja period koliko neto traje) since - She has worked in Belgrade since 1998 Ona radi u BG od 1998.
It is the first time I have driven a car.I never (to visit) that place.The waiter is putting a bottle of lemonade in front rabatt liseberg ica of him.We (not yet to solve) the problem.When your friend (to return) from the south?

That is the fifth time Bill has phoned his girlfriend this evening.
You have not finish.