present perfect continuous uses

Have you finished your homework?
Although present continuous can be used for some repeated actions (e.g.I / you / we / they have gone.The present perfect is used to show an action which continues to the present (an unfinished action).Alfie: Youre not really studying at all, are you?The present perfect continuous is often used when an action continuing until now has a result in the present.Indo-European languages : the present indicative (the combination of present tense and indicative mood ) and the present subjunctive (the combination of present tense and subjunctive mood).Oh yeah, and Im having a coffee too.Another is that the present perfect continuous is especially used when the action is ending or changing.
Alfie: Im studying for tomorrows exam.(called stative verbs ) suggest permanent states, not actions, so are used in the simple form, NOT the - ing form.For details see English verbs.A number bröllopstal tärna gratis of multi-word constructions exist to express combinations of present tense with aspect.As a result, their usages and forms are similar.Have, i / you / we / they gone?Use of the present tense does not always imply present time.experiencecontinues up to nowpresent result.Below is an example of present indicative tense conjugation in Bulgarian.In your example of I tjänstebil kalkyl gratis have drunk four cups of coffee today, the action is finished and repeated (in an unfinished time period today).