We often speak about her.
She was taken She was not taken Was she taken?
For example: BMW Germany make : BMW cars are made in Germany.
Ivan Susanin led the Poles into the thickest part of the forest.You must do this work very carefully.Everybody listened to the lecturer with great attention.They were not (werent) invited.They are taken They are not taken Are they taken?You must return the books the day after tomorrow.You must take the box to the station.Nick (to send) to Moscow next week.
She will be taken She will not be taken Will she be taken?From the station they will (take, be taken) straight to the hotel.The postbox (to empty) tomorrow.These trees biljettforum presentkort (to plant) last autumn.Don't put the cup there: somebody will break.This text ticnet presentkort leveranstid (to translate) at the last lesson.My question (to answer) yesterday.Advertisements, mr Jones watches films.He is taken He kommunal rabatt glasögon is not taken Is he taken?11.I (to ask) at the lesson yesterday.