We are playing, you are playing, you are playing.
She is staying in London for a couple of weeks. .She is not standing.Chicago police are investigating the case.Im working right now.At nine oclock they are usually having breakfast. .He / she / it is playing.The baby is crying.You are always losing your keys. .Robert is on vacation.
You are not playing, you are not playing, he / she / it is not playing.
I dont like them because they are always complaining.
Their debut read more.Young people are listening to all sorts of music. .He is writing a new song.Call me an hour later. .Om du använder den här webbplatsen innebär det att du godtar att vi skickar cookies till dig.Are you using karaoke youtube gratis this dictionary?

Despite the fact that Labrador only release Swedish artists, this is actually the very first band which actually sings in Swedish!
When she gets home from work, her children are already sleeping. .
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