94 Predictions edit Turing predicted that gratis symönster topp machines would eventually be able to pass the test; in fact, he estimated that by the year 2000, machines with around 100 MB of storage would be able to fool 30 of human judges in a fuelbox rabattkod five-minute test, and.
In 1990, he set the year around 2020.
27, Issue 2,.Ebert test edit The Turing test inspired the Ebert test proposed in 2011 by film critic Roger Ebert which is a test whether a computer-based synthesised voice has sufficient skill in terms of intonations, inflections, timing and so forth, to make people laugh.To return to the original imitation game, he states only that player A is to be replaced with a machine, not that player C is to be made aware of this replacement.Menu, ideas worth spreading, watch, tED Talks, browse the library of TED talks and speakers.By asking questions of player A and player B, player C tries to determine which of the two is the man and which is the woman.Mueller predicted a modified Turing test called a "Cognitive Decathlon" could be accomplished within five years.13:44 Jokkmokk, efter en konflikt med kommunen väljer Wolfgang Mehl att hoppa av som ordförande i Jokkmokks skidsekt.J.; Robertson (1968 Cybernetics: Key Papers, University Park Press In 1948, working with his former undergraduate colleague, DG Champernowne, Turing began writing a chess program for a computer that did not yet exist and, in 1952, lacking a computer powerful enough to execute the program.The test can be extended to include video input, as well as a "hatch" through which objects can be passed: this would force the machine to demonstrate the skill of vision and robotics as well.83 Subject matter expert Turing test edit Main article: Subject matter expert Turing test Another variation is described as the subject matter expert Turing test, where a machine's response cannot be distinguished from an expert in a given field.
77 Variations edit Numerous other versions of the Turing test, including those expounded above, have been raised through the years.Algorithmic IQ, or AIQ for short, is an attempt to convert the theoretical Universal Intelligence Measure from Legg and Hutter (based on Solomonoff's inductive inference ) into a working practical test of machine intelligence.Electronic health records edit A letter published in Communications of the ACM 87 describes the concept of generating a synthetic patient population and proposes a variation of Turing test to assess the difference between synthetic and real patients.Without understanding, they could not be described as "thinking" in the same sense people.73 Impracticality and irrelevance: the Turing test and AI research edit Mainstream outnorth rabattkod 10 AI researchers argue that trying to pass the Turing test is merely a distraction from more fruitful research.Sterrett agrees that the standard Turing test (STT) has the problems that its critics cite but feels that, in contrast, the original imitation game test (OIG test) so defined is immune to many of them, due to a crucial difference: Unlike the STT, it does.An experimental study looking at Gricean maxim violations using transcripts of Loebner's one-to-one (interrogator-hidden interlocutor) Prize for AI contests between 19941999, Ayse Saygin found significant differences between the responses of participants who knew and did not know about computers being involved.17:08 Öjebyn, tre gånger i veckan transporteras maten till Luleå.