practice simple present

Shes wearing a black dress.
That restaurant _ breakfast.
Fix stand speak drink eat have wash make listen take watch brush do wear buy.
Possessive adjectives game, possessive adjectives: Practice possessive adjectives by playing g 130 180 ESL Games plus g ESL Games plus 15:54:15 09:01:53Possessive adjectives game, present simple verbs game, present simple verbs: Practice present simple verbs by playing g 130 180 ESL Games plus g ESL.When and where do you practice it?Grammar Practice Worksheets, simple Present Present Progressive, simple Present Tense and Frequency Adverbs.Devise a questionnaire: Whats gratis porr spel your name?The following practice tips range from mechanical drills to meaningful practice. .She a beautiful dress.Students write a paragraph about their partners and read it loud.The students are in the classroom.
The baby is in her crib.Students: My father doesnt watch.Do / does the Smiths go to this 8 årig bröllopsdag present restaurant?Each group is given individual sentences on slips of papers.Use the correct form of the present progressive tense.Example: Teacher: Nancy, read the newspaper.