I am not invited.
Sandra daily makes exercises.
Present Simple Passive Voice.Do you like rock?We come back tomorrow.My brother plays violin and sings.We have breakfast every day.He comes to me and says, Hello, mister!Thomas passes to Mario and Mario scores the goal.
I seldom meet with Jim.
Lets wait until the rain stops.This car is not washed.The meeting starts at 6 o'clock.The Volga is the longest river in Europe.1 2 3 We can You can They can Can we?These rooms are cleaned mm sports rabatt every day.What do you hear?1 2 3 I have You have He/ She/ It has Have I?My favourite TV show starts in an hour.

Is he/ she/ it?
You add the boiling water.
1 2 3 I can You can He/ She/ It can Can I?