Optional GPS setting to save your current location (latitude and longitude) to the exif metadata.
Please donate to Mark Harman, the author of Open Camera, for his fine work.Change the exposure value to brighten/darken your photos.Features: * Option to auto-stabilize so your pictures are perfectly level no matter what (see example image).No longer decide whether to take a high-res photo or a video.Configurable volume keys.Shoot-The-Past Burst Mode, turn your camera in a high-speed burst camera and browse sequence shots of the seconds before you pulled the trigger.With "Live Shot" you got both!Selfie display flash to take the best possible selfies even in low light situations.Timelapse video recording to create epic fast motion videos.
Contras: Colores menos fieles que con los plug-ins de los fabricantes 8 64 votos, descargar, pROS: Modo silencioso, Optimizador automático de imágenes.
Lock focus and exposure with a long touch.
Scale your photos and videos to reduce their file size.The app Free Camera is a modified version of the Open Camera app.RC platform, una app de cámara especialmente diseñada para selfies.6.7, facebook, una versión reducida de la aplicación de Facebook.113, dale un toque 'vintage' a tus fotografías.3.0, english.Fast camera zoom with pinch finger gestures.Option to take photo remotely forever living powerpoint presentation by making a noise (e.g., voice, whistle or by voice command "cheese".