best background colours for powerpoint presentations

To do this, go to viaplay gratis månad flashback Insert Shapes.
Video backgrounds look nice on its own so youd have to be really careful not to make your slide look messy and chaotic.
For this reason, you create PowerPoint presentations again and again.You can even play around with the foreground and background colors you want to use for each pattern.To access this option, click on the slide you want to format the background.For example, if youve got a presentation on cars, then you can use a red background color for cars made in the 1990s, a blue background for those made in the 2000s, and.If youre using video as your slide background, you will need to delete the video first, and then access the Format Background options to change the background.PowerPoint backgrounds can be exported from one presentation to another as well, which can save you precious time.
How to access the Artistic Effects options in Format Background Menu You can choose from different artistic effects by clicking on the drop-down menu.
The word hello stands out and provides a nice contrast to the dark background.How to use video as background in PowerPoint Once youve chosen your video, you can resize it to fit the slide or you can reposition it to show only a particular section in the video.For this reason, orange is often used to draw attention in advertising.Image source theres a pale pink overlay on top of the brick wall in the slides background.Of course, backgrounds are just one element in the whole presentation.

Use Patterns and Textures in Your Background You can use a combination of image, graphics, patterns, and textures in your presentation slides background.