An example would be good in The food is good.
Attributive An adjective that stands in a syntactic ladda hem minecraft gratis position where it directly modifies a noun, as opposed to a predicative adjective, which stands in a predicate position but which modifies the subject of the clause.In English, formed from a combination of 'be' the present participle -ing' form) of the verb.The basic tenses in many languages are present, past, future.Vulgar Language considered distasteful or få en iphone 7 gratis obscene.Examples are the English pronouns hd porn gratis I and.Partitive case A case that expresses a partial object or an action that is not performed to completion.Women 's speech In certain languages (for example, Karajá language men and women use or historically used distinct words and inflected forms.Subjunctive mood The mood of a verb expressing an action or state which is hypothetical or anticipated rather than actual, including wishes and commands.For example, under certain circumstances in Russian, underlying s; z; t; d; k; g are iotated to ; ; or ; ; ; respectively (pronounced /t/ or /t / respectively).
The opposite of hypernym, which indicates terms pertaining to a category, is hyponym.
Number, grammatical number A grammatical category that indicates how many items or individuals.
Examples: acute ( double acute ( breve ( inverted breve ( cedilla ( diaeresis /umlaut ( macron ( overring ( perispomene ( etc.Compare with oxytone, paroxytone, and proparoxytone.For example, "she sat down" as opposed to "she was sitting down".Formal Describes a context where word choice and syntax are primarily limited to those terms and constructions that are accepted by academia or official institutions as most appropriate and correct.Augmentative A word form expressing large size, importance, intensity, or seniority.See Appendix:Russian verbs#Slavic iotation for the full iotation rules in Russian.